My name is Clementine and welcome to my blog The Whole Life. This is my little, somewhat hippy but very personal journey to living a happy and well life.

I’m almost 30 and live on Sydney’s lower north shore with my husband Aaron and bubba Reuben. I’m a stay at home mum who previously worked full-time in marketing.

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The Whole Life is first and foremost a personal journal. It’s a place where I share all the new, weird and wonderful things I’m learning, as well as my journey through life.

As any blog does, The Whole Life has been through a few iterations since its birth. I first started it in 2015 as I ventured on a new lifestyle to help combat chronic endometriosis. More on that below. While it is still an expression of that lifestyle, it is now also a place I share my experiences and lessons learnt as a I journey through life as a new mum.

Where I can, I like to share snippets into my day-to-day, recipes found (and occasionally created), ideas both studied and explored, new practices embraced, and guest posts from those kicking goals in all areas of life.

So why The Whole Life? I believe it is a sum of parts:

  1. To look after your body through movement and good food
  2. Your mind through spirituality and positivity
  3. And your surrounds though love, care, honesty

So how did this journey start?

That’s a big question! Hopefully the answer lives up to the expectation 🙂

Early in 2014 I found myself slightly on the plumper side of life (who are we kidding, I’d put on 10 kilos in 12 months…) and although I lost the first few through calorie counting, I  wasn’t really feeling much happier or healthier.

At about the same time a pain from my past returned worse than it ever was before. In 2012 I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I had my first operation in October that same year (on my birthday of all days!) to find pain relief. For anyone unfamiliar with the trials of endometriosis, it’s an exhausting, scary and incredibly painful disease with the ability to cripple your every day life.

I thought having the operation would fix my problems and allow me to return to my normal life. However unfortunately the relief was only short-lived.

On the cusp of my second operation to combat the pain, in a desperate attempt to find relief I visited a nutritionist, started clean eating and went on an elimination diet.

As I started to research what options existed for endo suffers outside surgery and constant medication, time and time again I read inspiring stories from young women who were battling this disease and the fertility issues that came with it. Their stories moved me, and piece by piece I gathered information that encouraged me to continue trying a new way of healing.

The results were almost instant, but it wasn’t just my weight and pain that changed – my energy levels sustained, my skin cleared and for the first time in a long time, I felt healthy. Not just everyday healthy, but I truly loved the skin and body I was in.

After feeling sick and exhausted for years, I decided to explore holistic healing alongside western practices to help aid my pain. I was amazed at how much the right food, combined with exercise and mindset helped me manage my symptoms.

I now truly believe holistic health and natural healing play an important role in the journey to wellness. It all comes down to listening to your body and confidently taking steps towards recovery, in other words living The Whole Life.

In November 2014 I had my second operation to combat endo and with the above in practice, I haven’t had another operation since.

I should add, I am in no way, shape or form a healthcare professional, so please keep in mind that all content on The Whole Life is based on personal experiences and opinions. Please consult your health care professional before deciding on any treatment.

Additionally, unless otherwise stated, all opinions on The Whole Life are my own and do not reflect the views or opinions of any other parties.

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