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All the pretty things

As we get closer to beb’s arrival, my urge to nest is growing as rapidly as my belly. And while a few new dresses accommodate the bump, the home part isn’t as straight forward.

For those not in the know, a few months ago Aaron and I said goodbye to our sunny three-bedroom apartment for a smaller place as the space was unnecessary. Little did we know, those extra rooms would be needed much faster than anticipated.

As a result, another move is on the cards, and just like I did with the wedding, full planning mode is in gear — only this time when it’s go time, I’ll be seven months pregnant and it will be summer. Someone fetch me a frosty fruit.

With a clean slate of potential baby rooms in front of us, I’ve become addicted to building out ideas. Let’s just say I never quite got the whole Pintrest movement until now.

Since finding out we’re having a little boy, blue and different hues of blue (exciting I know), have been my focus. I like things clean and neat, so white, wood, and you guessed, shades of blue, is what I’m leaning towards.

I’m sure as I fall into even deeper Pinterest wormholes this vision will change, but until then, here are some nursery spaces I’m loving. Now only to find the apartment!

For more on the below images check out my Pinterest.




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