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Holy cow, we’re having a baby!

Well the secret is finally out and don’t it feel good. There’s a little bean growing inside my belly and in a mere 20 weeks Aaron and I will be parents (otherwise known as adulting to the next level).

It’s something I’ve been wanting to share for months, but as friends, family and those who can read between the lines would know (see this post), I’ve been a little trigger shy and for good reason.

As a family, Aaron and I had our most heartbreaking time to date this February. At ten weeks pregnant we lost our first bub. I won’t spend time going into it, other than to say it was the saddest thing I’ve ever experienced.

But embracing my inner optimist, I believe that there is always a greater plan in play and without our little one returning home to heaven, we wouldn’t have this beautiful bub growing away today (most frequently referred to as Lenny the lentil in the Crowther household).

And isn’t he growing! (Catch that? It’s a BOY! So excited). He’s kicking up a storm and it’s just the most wonderful feeling. Ok, being totally transparent sometimes it’s a teeny tiny bit alien like (and lovely), but that’s only because I’m still getting used to the little body kicking my insides as he stretches and grows.

I love that I get to carry him everywhere with me, and that my body is nurturing and growing a life built of Aaron and I. Of course, like every significant shift in life, my social feeds now include an influx of mums and bebs, and Pinterest is all about cute nursery designs. So I apologise in advance if this blog expands its focus just a tad and that’s not your thing.

This all said, let’s be honest for a second, at the moment it’s a long drink between posts. Between the nerves, anxiety and morning sickness of the last eight months, finding balance offline has been the priority. So with that, I hope you enjoy this snippet into my life. I’ve missed you and all the joy The Whole Life brings.

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