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365 days later

Despite it being nearly a year since Aaron and I got hitched (can you believe it — I can’t!) it occurred to me that I never shared with you our photos. Given most of the nice snaps we have are from that day, it seems a bit ridic for them to stay hidden away.

It also feels odd to share photos without background or explanation, so excuse the gushiness that follows (I won’t be offended if you tune out now).

Like any loved up couple, we both claim our wedding day was the best ever. And to us, it was! After months of planning, when the 4th finally arrived it was all a bit surreal. A mixed bag of nerves, excitement, and joy.

We choose a spring day as we figured it was our best bet at a slice of sunshine in the typically chilly but beautiful Southern Highlands. And lucky for us, our bet paid off. Like some type of dream, the days leading up to our nuptials were sunny and glorious, and our day followed suit.

The morning started crisp and early with yoga on the deck at the house my family had rented. The getting ready part was a blur, but arriving at Bendooley Estate was when it all got real.

When we first visited Bendooley’s 12 months earlier, both Aaron and I fell in love with its incredible gardens and sandstone buildings (just look at the homestead below and its creeping vines!). A bookshop by day, the estate also houses some of the world’s most cherished love stories — a cheesy but sweet homage to our pending vows. It was also incredibly private and I liked that the ceremony and reception were all in one place — it made things simple, easy and inclusive.

Seeing everything come together was a highlight, it was more beautiful than I had ever imagined. Oh and the flowers, it was a true spring wedding. Our brief was big, beautiful and romantic, and our incredible florist Emma delivered with the most spectacular peonies.

The day came as quickly as it went, as all good wedding days do, but every bit of it was perfect. Walking down the isle with my dad to meet Aaron was by far one of my happiest moments. But nothing mirrored the moment we said I do. I remember dancing with excitement at the alter as our pastor Paul made it all offical.

The hours that followed like our first dance and moment alone together, and the sparkler farewell, were all just as spectacular. Haha I warned you! Total cheeseball post 😉

So with that, enjoy a glimpse into our special day.









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