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One day at a time

I recently learnt that you can’t take anything for granted. Nothing in this life is a given, no matter how strong or promising it looks, or how desperately you crave it.

When pain hits, and life’s course makes a sudden, abrupt change in direction, finding your feet on the new journey you’ve been assigned to is like trying to walk for the first time.

I’m a strong believer that we are guided through life. That there is someone watching over us, helping us find the right path.

The problem is that path, it doesn’t always lead to where we think it will. There are twists and turns, lessons to be learnt, mountains to climb, and deep valleys to cross. There are also other influences, human influences, that shape or shift what we experience.

While the direction may change, time never stops. We are always constantly moving forward, and there is no unlearning what we’ve experienced.  Because of this, each step builds us. It changes who we are and the type of people we’ll become. This is why we are given new paths, to become better versions of ourselves.

Today I am a person I never thought I would be. I am a stronger version of myself. I am also shaped differently. I have a depth I never thought I would have.

I do not understand my current journey, not yet at least. There’s a part of me that might not ever understand my most recent left hand turn. But while it may be new, I know it will bring great joys, serious laughter, and incredible love, just like the path before it would have done as well, had it continued on.

I’m OK to be shaped by a new directions. I know that every hand is dealt differently, and that no walk comes with out trials. This all said, I won’t pretend like it doesn’t hurt. It does, deeply. If I could revert back to my old path I would in a second. But I can’t. So I’ll take this one, one step at a time.

I will love fiercer than I’ve ever loved before. I will cherish everything that this new journey gives me. I will have a greater appreciation and grace than I ever could have beforehand – all because I know how special it is, and what sacrifices had to be made to get me here.

I will also trust that my new journey is for a purpose; for protection, for love, for a greater good. This gives me the greatest comfort. I know there is reason, and while it might not yet be clear to me, it is part of the greater symphony of life. This new path is here to protect me and those that I love most.

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