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A cool change

Sydney this summer has been somewhat of a furnace. I love hot, salty days where the beach beckons and the sun goes down late in the evening, but there’s nothing like a cool storm to save the day.

Yesterday that sweet relief finally arrived. It’s no surprise to anyone who’s lived through it, but this summer has been incredibly warm; in fact the hottest on record… ever. 

So when the clouds cracked and the rain finally hit the ground, you could almost hear our garden sing out in praise.

I was in our sunroom with the windows wide open when that moment arrived with force. Out of nowhere, the air started to change and a sense of calm swept over Mosman Bay. A tranquility that’s been noticeably absent fell upon us as the birds, bugs and activity that heat brings abruptly relaxed into the cool shift.

Perhaps the moment was particularly welcome in our house as I get an itch when things sit still for a little too long, the heat being no exception.

With this all said, there seems to be a lot of change in the air at the moment. The next few days are bitter sweet for me with a new direction on the cards.

I’m leaving my work home of the last three and half years for a new adventure which I’m incredibly excited about. But of course this is accompanied with goodbyes which are always hard.

If I’ve learnt anything recently it’s that change is exciting, challenging, often unpredictable, but always rewarding. So with this said, just like the storm, it’s time to bring on the next chapter.

2017, you’re looking very promising.

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