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Summer bliss and getaways




It’s hot here. Summer is in full swing; the air con is on, the days are long and dry, and dusk is pushing 9pm.

To make the most of the summer heat, we’ve left Sydney and ventured up the coast.

There’s something about removing yourself from the everyday that makes the precious days between Christmas and New Years feel even more like a holiday. Even if it’s only to the in-laws an hour away.

Despite the best of intensions, I often find nothing days in Mosman become cleaning days, or days of life admin commitments that see us spend little time actually doing nothing.

As a result holidays instead become a collection of weekends, rather than a break of sunburn, breakfasts, and reading on the beach till the sun goes down.

Today we set off to the beach with an umbrella under arm and fresh pineapple and mint juice in hand. We walked the splendour that is Soldier’s Beach looking for the perfect spot to park weary 2016 selves.

We baked, relaxed and reclined in the sunshine, only to recover in the glassy blue water, our skin rejuvenating through the ocean’s salty, but incredibly icy goodness.

I also did the very adult thing of wearing a one piece (a first since my high school swim days) and managed to remain at least partially in the shade for most of our time on the sand. A far cry for my years of purposely crisping under the sun till my skin turned red. Simply enjoying the beach was nothing short of heavenly.

I love that we get time to slow down and just be before the new year kicks in.

I also love the anticipation that a new year brings. It is a sweet, meaningless moment but nonetheless a strangely encouraging chance to refresh motivations for what lies ahead.

With the wedding now behind us, 2017 holds so much potential. In all honesty, I’d be happy if every day simply had even a glimmer of today’s serenity.

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