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A festive feeling

Having spent the last three weeks in the US it’s hard not to leave without an overwhelming excitement for the upcoming holiday season.

This Thursday will be our first Thanksgiving, and while it won’t be your most homely, traditional event (we’re celebrating the day at the hotel buffet), it will certainly provide us with a small snapshot into the American celebration. Our housekeeper has also promised to bring us a bounty of leftover goodies from her family do on Friday which has both of us very excited (and drooling).

Christmas is my favourite day every year, as it’s the one time (other than say, a wedding!) where everyone comes together to just be and celebrate their love for one another. To put it simply, I’m jealous that those state side get an extra day of glorious gratitude giving and family loving.

We return from our honeymoon on the 29th, right on the cusp of the silly season. As it does every year, December is already looking particularly busy, with every weekend playing host to a gathering or coming together of family and friends.

After travelling for three weeks, I’m actually really excited to spend time with everyone in a non-formal, non-wedding way. As amazing as this year has been, it was exhausting. Shifting my focus to other, more homely and simple pleasures, sounds delightful.

I’m also looking forward to making the most of the warmer weather, including our beautiful home and its surrounds. This summer the beach is going to be a much greater priority.

Outside of the above, I’m itching for a decent spring clean; our sunroom and second bedroom have been lodging places for boxes, vases, sparklers, shoes, earrings, candles, signs and table runners for far too long.

By no shape or form am I hoping for our honeymoon to be over – wanderlust has me well and truly in its grasp, but there is something very alluring about coming home as my beautiful husband’s wife and continuing to build our life together as a married couple.

Oh shucks, I’m totally nesting aren’t I?


Special thanks to @agrariankitchen for the pumpkin pic.


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