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Blog Crush: The lovely Kavisha Jega

A little while ago I stumbled across the blog of Kavisha Jega; a talented and incredibly savvy wellness chick rocking the world of good food and health.

Based in Perth, she’s a health professional working to promote optimal wellbeing by teaching people how to move away from processed foods and towards a more nourishing whole foods diet (one of the things I love here at The Whole Life!).

If you want more (which you will once you read the below!) you can catch her at one of her awesome educational seminars and cooking workshops – she’s a knowledge hub! You can also check her out on all the usual social haunts, details below.

Tell me about Why did you start it and where is it going?

I started in 2013 when I was studying for my Masters degree in Wellness. I started the blog as a way to write about what I was learning and help spread the wellness word to the general public.

Over the years the blog has slowly drifted towards a more food and wellness focus as I work to teach people how to eat healthier and promote the benefits of a whole foods based diet.

I’ve also always been into healthy travel and as I will soon be relocating overseas, I’m going to be rebranding as I incorporate a new healthy travel section into the website and blog. This will be the new focus of my work moving forward as well.

What are you passionate about?

FOOD! Eating well, using food to promote health and healing and helping us to look and feel our best. I’m passionate about promoting a whole foods based diet. Helping people shift away from the hyper processed food that lines our supermarket shelves and towards a style of eating that also helps support local businesses and organic farmers.

I’m also extremely passionate about helping people discover what they are truly passionate about and helping them create a life that they look forward to living everyday.


What does a typical day look like for you?

Working for yourself means that no two days ever look the same (which I love). Typically I get up around 8am (I need my 8-9 hours of sleep a night!). If I don’t have a breakfast/brunch meeting scheduled I’ll make breakfast at home and then I’ll work (either at home or at a café) until about 5pm taking a break for lunch.

If I’m at home I could be blogging, recipe testing, organising things for upcoming workshops and seminars, procrastinating on instagram or doing my washing. I am definitely more productive If I work away from home haha! I usually gym or go to yoga in the evening before heading home to make dinner and I’m in bed by about 9pm. I usually catch up on tv shows or read before getting to sleep around 11pm.

What makes you your happiest you?

Being grateful. Really stopping to appreciate how much I have in my life and how lucky I am to have supportive family and friends that always brings me back to a happy place. Also if I’m eating well and can manage to get to yoga everyday that makes me pretty damn happy too.

What has surprised you the most about your journey?

I didn’t expect it to be this hard, that’s for sure! Also the friendships and connections I have made all over the world. That has been very surprising but warmly welcomed.

What is the most important lesson that we all need to learn?

That you can never plan because things are forever changing. I use to be a HUGE planner and would go out of my way to make sure things worked out how I wanted them to. But I’ve just recently learnt that you need to go with the flow, take a step back and just allow what happens to happen. Be open to change. Everything leads to something, nothing leads to nothing, growth and change are necessary, that’s just life.

What is your favourite way to move your body?

Hot yoga, walking and dancing to queen B….yonce.

What is your favourite food, recipe or cafe?

Favourite food: baked sweet potato with tahini, favourite recipe: THIS banana bread.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Listen to your intuition.

What’s the best piece of advice you have for others?

Accept where you are in life and stop comparing yourself to others.

How do you release stress?

Hang out with family and friends and have a laugh.

What is your favourite quote?

“Eat well, travel often”- My life quote!

Profile 2

For more Kavisha goodness –>

i: @kavisha_jega

A big thank you Kavisha for giving me a few minutes of your time 🙂 x

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