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The art of saying thank you

Showing gratitude is something that we should all do more often.

But sadly (and I’m sure not the only one who feels like this), amongst the hussle and bussle of getting sh*t done, the act of showing thanks can easily fall to the wayside.

From work to relationship management and family and friends, to your own health and wellbeing and that of those you care about – everyday we are presented with new gratitude challenges.

But it is here, when life takes over and time fades quickly, that we forget about the valued support of those who care about us most.

Recently Aaron and I got engaged and with the ring came a flood of love and well wishes from our nearest and dearest.

We are exceptionally blessed to be surrounded by a strong network of family and friends, all who care deeply about our long-term happiness and wellbeing.

Once the news got out, we received several presents and cards from loved ones congratulating us on making the decision to get hitched. It was (and still is) an incredibly exciting and love-filled time.

With so much happening, and so many people to catch up with, I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me a while to take the time to say thank you to everyone who invested effort in celebrating our news.

Who am I kidding, it took me wayyyyy to long. I was still writing thank you notes last week (we got engaged early Sep). #hangsheadinshame

The thing is, I know when I send someone something that’s filled with love and thought, I get a massive high when I know the person I’ve done something special for enjoys the gift. Gratitude is the gift you return to those who show you love, kindness, generosity and good-will.

Saying thank you is the simplest act of kindness. Whether it’s an email, phone call, text, hand-written note or even passing mention, simply saying thank you shows you care for the person who cares for you.

I’m currently filled with the thank you bug (after having spent the weekend fixing my thank you wrongs) and am determined to show more gratitude in my day-to-day.

Whether it’s to your colleague who helped you when on deadline, to your mum for buying you lunch, or to your friend who called you just to say hi, we forget how fortunate we really are. Particularity when we take into account recent world occurrences and our beautiful home that we so peacefully enjoy everyday.

Perhaps it’s time to consider how you could do and say thank you to a little more often too.


Image sourced from https://www.instagram.com/heidilakin/

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