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The happiest day of my life

Hey there peeps! Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve had an exceptionally busy few weeks, mainly because on the first day of Spring Aaron and I got engaged! Yay! It’s been a whirlwind of excitement and joy and I can’t quite articulate how happy I am.

So being me (somewhat of an organsied, excitable individual), I’m now in full-swing wedding planning mode. And well, I’m loving it! What’s not to love about planning the day you commit yourself to the love of your life in front of all your family and friends.

I apologise in advance if the occasional wedding-influenced post pops up. I promise to keep most bites on theme, but with 14 months to go (who’s counting..?!) there most definitely will be the occasional mention.

With the celebration came a week of champagne drinking as we toasted the start of our new life together with the people we hold dearest. While the celebrations were incredibly special, the champagne and indulgence every day for a full week nearly ruined me.

Post the week of fun and games I spent two weeks recovering and slowly rebuilding my gut, which to put simply was not in a good place. I’m starting (only in the last 48 hours) to get back on track, but I’ve already learnt that I need to take each day of this amazing journey one moment at a time.

I must say, the stress techniques I’ve learnt over the last year will no doubt come in handy.

My first hurdle was venue hunting. I got swept up in the rat race of trying to lock in a venue quickly, as we discovered everywhere we loved was already almost full… despite what seemed like plenty of planning time!!

Last week I had to take a few moments to calm myself as Aaron reminded me stressing was pointless. And yes, he was right (as always!). I’m happy to confirm that we locked in our dream location yesterday.

I’m really looking forward to sharing this time of my life with you and I plan on using this blog as a reason to keep my wellness efforts up the day draws closer. No doubt with such a big day on the horizon it’s easy to get distracted, but my health and wellness must always remain a priority regardless of the direction life goes.

Thanks for your love and support! Cxx

P.s. the above snap is where the proposal happened!

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