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Living healthy when you’ve got a nine to five

Don’t you hate that the standard response to ‘how are you?’ has become busy.

I’m not suggesting that those who respond with this aren’t indeed exceptionally busy, (they’re probably run off their feet), I just hate that this little word has grown to define us.

I’m horribly guilty of using busy as my go to answer as it’s often the only word that comes to mind when asked (even when things actually aren’t that busy…).

Some days I think it’s more a case of no matter how many hours there are in the day, there’s always that perpetual squeeze to fit more in. Perhaps it’s just human nature.

When it comes to prioritising a healthy lifestyle I often hear people say ‘I’m don’t have the time for that’, ‘I couldn’t be bothered’ or ‘where do you find the motivation to cook/exercise/food plan every week’. The honest truth?

I have no idea. It can be damn hard, particularly when you’ve got a nine to five, family to look after or other commitments constantly demanding your attention.

Last week Gweneth Paltrow shared her number one tip on how she commits to staying fit. She views moving her body as a compulsory must do – a non-negotiable task that is required for good health. Once you take the ‘I don’t want to’ out of the equation, and position it simply as a ‘this is something you have to do’ it no longer becomes a chore, but rather an everyday part of life.

Still, it doesn’t mean that finding the time to be healthy is any easier. When I first stated this post I wrote down all the things I would do if I had endless time in the day. It started with a workout, followed by breakfast at my favourite health food cafe, a visit to the beach, some recipe planning, blogging, perhaps a health food doco, then a shared meal and movie with Aaron.

I then compared this to what I actually do. The workout is early but it’s often a struggle to get to (thanks Winter). It’s followed by the race to work, the working day and then the race home again. Then there is a mix of washing, cooking, planning, reading, packing, more cleaning and finally sleeping.

The busyness of my everyday means my blog is often the last thing on my mind unless I push myself to stay up late. (I have a bank of half finished posts that I’ve started during this odd hour).

And frustratingly, I often slip up – particularity when I’m unprepared, sleepy, hungry, or simply in the mood to be lazy (we all have those days).

But, while I make mistakes, I am committed to practicing a healthy lifestyle, every single day. To me it starts by not making excuses for poor behaviour. Perhaps this is the key to keeping it going?

I always try to get back on track immediately after any lapse in judgement and I work on not hating on myself when I fail. I practice self-love and affirmations to stay on track and highly recommend that you do too. When it gets too hard, I remind myself that now is the time to work hard (not feel guilty).

I also try and surround myself with enablers and part of this is making informed decisions when on a healthy-high; whether it be stocking my house with health-conscious products (food, cleaning items, toiletries, etc.), buying organic to feed my little tribe of two, or making time to meditate to look after my mind and a find balance. What is it they say – you can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mind!

If I could offer any advice it would be to use your weekends to plan your weekdays. When you start the work week with with your food, home, schedule and mindset in check, you’ve already got the makings of a really good week. It’s with this attitude that you’ll make the best decisions about how to look after yourself.

My other little bite to staying healthy – don’t be afraid to stand up for your journey and challenge those who question where you’re going or why you do what you do. At the end of the day, your wellbeing is your own responsibility. You are accountable to no one else but you and you must do what you know is best.

Of course, if you do discover a magic method to good health, please feel free to share it below!


  1. It’s a challenge to live healthy and active when you have to work through long hours. However, that’s not an excuse for being negligent about your health, and small steps can go a long way. Stocking your pantry with healthy food and snacks will help give you the best nutrients needed for fighting stress, toxins, and diseases, and you’ll be amazed at the changes that you will get as you follow through your healthy plan. Before you know it, you’ll be adding one healthy habit after another, and you’ll be a full-fledged healthy person who still has time to work and earn a living.


    • Clementine says

      Thanks Bunmi for your comment! I completely agree with you – being prepared puts you in the best position to live everyday full of passion, good health and purpose. This said, I’ve never met anyone who is perfect all the time! Hopefully this article serves as a reminder that when slips happen, it’s not time to give up on your health goals, but rather dig in and work harder 🙂


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