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Blog Crush: Kate Caddle (aka The Whole Housewife)

I’m incredibly excited to share with you today’s blog crush.

When I first started my health and wellness journey almost a year ago, I stumbled across Kate’s blog ‘The Whole Housewife’ (which recently re-branded to Kate Caddle) through Instagram.

Once I found her blog, I went on to read almost every post she had shared since starting her journey online. I found her approach to wellness and holistic living intoxicating, and today I owe much of my own health and positive attitude to her.

Whenever I feel like my journey needs a jolt to get back on track, I find myself back on Kate’s blog and Instagram taking inspiration from her approach to life.

So it’s a total thrill to share with you the awesomeness that this chick puts out into the world.

I hope you enjoy!

Tell me about The Whole Housewife – Why did you start your journey and where is it going?

I started my journey as The Whole Housewife in January 2014 after a quest to find wellness naturally. I’d been diagnosed with a reproductive condition that was ‘incurable’. Over time, I built a great little community to share my journey openly with. A few years after the diagnosis and just one year after starting TWH I had cured my endometriosis and am living an amazingly healthy life.

Now that I am well, and settled into my new lifestyle, I have been able to work on my big vision, and that is coaching women to live their best lives through passion and purpose. I believe that if we all work out what it is that makes our heart sing, and we follow that – the beautiful world we live in will be a whole lot more wonderful! I’ve also been able to re-brand, and proudly go under my name now! You can read more about me here:


What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about passion! About challenging the norm, asking why and paving a new path. I’m also passionate about young women in business. Gone are the days of the ‘middle aged man in a suit’ as a picture of successful business. The rise of the heart centered, twenty something’s in birks, is upon us!

What does a typical day look like for you?

I work four days a week in a normal job, but try to keep a similar routine regardless of what commitments I have on each day. I wake up with the sun, meditate, drink half a liter of lemon water and eat a yummy breakfast with my husband. Then I shower and get ready for work, or on the weekends we go to the markets or the beach.

I make sure I pack lunch every day for work, and enjoy this outside on the tiny snippet of grass out the front, while soaking up some vitamin D.

On my treasured one day a week at home, I blog, write newsletters, chat with my tribe, and study. I also like to enjoy a home cooked lunch – a rare treat!

In the afternoons I come straight home and walk our dog, Kobe or go to yoga. Then I prepare a delicious dinner.

Before bed I like to wind down with meditation and journaling, and often consult my oracle cards.

Then I kiss my husband good night, and drift off to my peaceful bliss!

What makes you your happiest you?

When I’m honest with myself in all aspects of my life. Sometimes we slowly drift from our purpose and begin to make choices that aren’t aligned with our truth. I feel most content and alive, when I act from a place of pure love.

What has surprised you the most about your journey?

That I have come to love myself unconditionally. It’s so easy to hate on ourselves for our thin hair, our poky belly or the illness we just can’t seem to shake. But learning to love yourself above those things, is truly powerful. I’m really grateful for everything I’ve been through, and the lessons that I’ve learnt.

What is the most important lesson that we all need to learn?

To trust the natural flow of life. That everything is always unfolding perfectly, and it’s our job to grab a hold of our lives, and make the best of them. There is beauty in every moment, you just have to look for it!


What is your favourite way to be active?

For me, my motivation for being active is about fulfillment, and taking care of my body, as apposed to my physical appearance. I choose to only do things that make me feel good. My favourite way to move my body is yoga. What happens when I’m on my mat is something that only I can understand, it truly is bliss. I also love walking by the water and soaking up the sunshine with my dog child Kobe.

How do you release stress?

This is a big one for me. I have a history as a stressor and over thinker, but have been able to train myself out of that. I still have moments where things slip, but that’s ok!

I find that a holist approach is best. Stress can come in many different forms, so I choose to build resilience to this by eating well, moving my body and regularly practicing mediation. This has been my winning formula!


What’s your favourite quote?

Oh I can never choose! I think it’s about what resonates with me at each point in time. Right now, I’m loving:

It is far better to feel your way through life, than to think your way through life. (Deepak Chopra)

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